Seaside Beach Volleyball
August 10-13 2017


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Please Read The Tournament Guidelines

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CEVA Tournaments Start Saturday, May 14.

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  • For BEST viewing of the brackets, please use your mobile device’s web browser (safari, chrome, IE). You’ll be able to zoom in/out (this is not available in the aes express app) and scroll through the schecule.
  • The AES Express mobile app has a scoreboard feature for you to use when reffing.
  • WT stands for “Working Team” which stands for “Reffing”
  • Remember to scroll all the way down the brackets page to see the losers brackets


  • Divisions with 5 to 24 teams will have pool play then go into a single or double elimination bracket depending on court availability so please check your schedule (with the exception of Open Divisions).
  • Divisions with 25 teams or more will only be straight double elimination bracket (NO pool plays)
  • Divisions with 33 teams or more will be divided into an East and West bracket with a cross-over Finals bracket
  • All bracket matches will be best of 3 games at 21, 21, 15 no cap, this includes loser brackets. Tournament directors have the right to change the games for Saturday and Sunday depending on how much daylight is left.
  • 3 team pool games will be 2 games to 21, no cap (total points = 84).
  • 4 team pool games will be 1 game to 28, no cap (total points = 84).
  • 5 team pool games will be 1 game to 21, no cap (total points = 84).
  • Maximum of 64 teams per division
  • Minimum of 5 teams per division (Divisions with 4 teams or less will be combined with the next level up, example: B moved to BB or Masters 55 moved to Masters 45 or AA moving to Open)

Reporting Your Games:

  • ONLY WINNERS are REQUIRED to report the outcome of your match to a nearby tournament director (TD) tent, this includes every pool games and bracket matches.
  • Format to report your games/matches in the order below:
    1. Division (the division you are playing in)
    2. Court Number (the court number you just played on)
    3. Who Won (Your team name “lastname/lastname”)
    4. Scores (ONLY for Pool Games) We do not need to know the scores for bracket matches.


  • All matches (first serve) are required to start on the hour.
  • Please arrive 30-45 minutes to the court you’re scheduled to play on.
  • If a team does not show up 15 minutes after the hour a penalty of 1 point per minute will be applied.
  • If a team does not show up 30 minutes after the hour, it is an automatic forfeit.
  • If a previous match finishes early and both the playing teams and reffing team of the next match is present and ready to start then they are allowed to start early.
  • If a match runs late then the next match must start right after. Previous teams should use the time waiting to warm-up.
  • If a team does not show up to ref, it will be an automatic forfeit of their next scheduled match.
  • If you do not ref after your last losers match, you will not be allowed to play the following year.

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