What Courts Will I Play On?

Courts are numbered with the lower numbers on the south end of beach and higher numbers on the north end of beach. Past, current and future game schedules will be posted online along with court assignments and referee duties prior to your match.

How Will I Know Where To Play My First Or Next Game?

Past, current and future game schedules will be posted online along with court assignments and referee duties prior to your match. The bracket boards will still be available for reference ONLY. The boards will NOT have court assignments nor playing schedule, please refer to the online schedule for real-time updates.

Where Do I Go To Report My Scores

Games can be reported to the nearest director’s tournament tents. One on the South, Middle (main tent) and North end of the beach. Please do NOT go to the registration tent to report scores!

Who Referees My Games?

Other players are assigned to your court to referee. Scores are then taken to the tournament directors staff for updating and posted online immediately and available in real-time.

Is My Division Double Elimination Or Pool Play?

That depends on the number of teams in the division. Check the online schedule or with the tournament directing staff prior to the start of the tournament.

How Many Games Will I Get To Play?

At least 2 – (double elimination) unless you’re in a pool play division in which case you’ll be playing more! However, you can speak to other teams and challenge whoever you’d like on any other open court. If a court is open (no scheduled game), you can play on it and play all day long, for all 3 days if you’d like.

When Will The Novice, Masters etc Divisions And Teams Play?

Everyone plays throughout the day until they lose. Divisions play in certain areas – Past, current and future game schedules will be posted online along with court assignments and referee duties prior to your match.

If My Court Has Any Dangerous Item On It What Should I Do?

A court clean-up team is available. Inform the tournament staff (at the Tournament Directors Tent). If the cleanup team is not busy somewhere else, they will get to you as soon as possible. Please have your court number when you inform the tournament staff.

Where Can I Get First Aid, Or A Band Aid Etc

A first aid tent is available at the tournament in the registration area.  The University of Western States will be present at the event to provide chiropractic services.  For emergencies call 911 and if possible notify the registration tent so they can prepare for the arrival of emergency services.

How Do I find A Partner Or A Team

We have developed a way for that to happen! Just click on the link called “Looking For A Team.” We also have an active Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/seasidebeachvolleyball

Do We Provide Our Own Ball For Practice

Yes, for practice and Yes for tournament play! CENTER COURT GAMES WILL BE PROVIDED WITH SPONSOR VOLLEYBALLS.

Is There A Place We Can Pump Up Balls?

Yes. A pump is available at the registration tent.

Why Can't I Register For A Division On The Morning Of The Tournament

This to ensure that the tournament directing staff have time to populate the bracket boards taking into account seeding for the tournament. A late entry could result in the whole bracket having to be re-populated!

Why Aren't There Any Registered Teams Shown Online?

We have many teams registering for this tournament (over 1000 in all). Placing team names online wouldn’t provide any benefit as you would not know who is in that team. We also reduce “sandbagging” by not providing teams online as other teams might then register for a different division thinking they have a greater chance to win a division. The registration system that we use produces an excel file that takes a lot of work to pull info from. Also, as the tournament nears we have many teams registering and any list would require constant updating and with so many divisions, once again it would be very time consuming. We hope that in the future we may be able to provide this service, but at this time we feel that spending time ensuring that everything is ready for the logistical aspects of the world’s largest event of its kind is more valuable to our players.

Why Does The Price Go Up On A Pre-Defined Date?

This is to help us prepare for the tournament regarding how many courts, nets, prizes and other items are needed to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. The date is CLEARLY shown on either this site, or the registration site.

If My Team Is Unable To Play Can I Get My Money Back?

In most cases Yes you can get a full refund. Call the Seaside Chamber of Commerce at 503- 738-6391 M-F 9-5 and request a refund. Money will be credited back to your account. If, however a period of time has expired, we will not be able to give a full refund as PayPal takes a 3% fee from us after 60 days if we make a refund. We will refund you your total amount minus the 3% fee that we are required to pay if it’s over the 60-day period.

Refunds for Non-Attending Registrants can only be issued during the period thru July 31. After this time, all sales are final and refunds will not be accepted, even for no-shows.

Where Do I Pick Up My Prize?

Prizes will be available at the registration tent (for prizes other than cash) at the end of play for each tournament bracket. Cash prizes will be required to fill out a W9 Form and a check will be sent out by mail the following Wednesday. If you win your tournament division pop along to the prize tent where you can pick it up (normally the case), or you’ll be told when it will be ready.

What Are The Prizes

Prizes vary depending on the division – some competitive divisions receive prize money while others receive tournament sponsor prizes.