Looking for left side parter in 14u
Contact: ryderhaldeman@gmail.com (856) 357-4113

Looking for Looking for someone who has a passion for volleyball, Female or male in 14u/bb
Contact: sadee.gedse@icloud.com (571) 332-0387

Looking for Split/blocker (5'10"+) to play 16U and 18U at P1440 tournament in Dayton OH 7/3-7/5 https://play.p1440.com/tournament/930 in 16U
Contact: mab1ckc@everestkc.net (913) 486-3344 Live in Overland Park Kansas. https://sportsrecruits.com/athlete/mikayla_benanti

Looking for Looking for split/blocker to play 16U or 18U tournaments this summer. https://sportsrecruits.com/athlete/mikayla_benanti in 16U
Contact: mab1ckc@everestkc.net (913) 486-3344 Parents Mike and Connie Benanti, live in Overland Park KS.

Looking for split/blocker in 16s
Contact: kaitlyndelaney2004@gmail.com (916) 871-9169

Looking for Beach partner, pref a blocker to play in 1440 or other big tourneys in Texas, GA or AZ in 16
Contact: Kaitlyndelaney2004@yahoo.com (916) 847-9816 Instagram – kaitlynbeachvolleyball

Looking for big block/consistent swing, I am more of a DS with good hands and smart placements. I am 5'11 in women's adult A AA
Contact: faith.beck22@gmail.com (602) 814-6767

Looking for partner in 18u, A, AA
Contact: alexysdyanna@gmail.com (562) 805-8508

Looking for Looking for hitter. I am a defender from AZ with great hands looking to travel to CA for tournaments. in 15u & Above
Contact: james9796@cox.net (623) 693-8412

Looking for someone with size as a hitter in A or AA
Contact: Jamelani_zulueta@yahoo.com