Looking for Looking for a 18u female beach partner who wants to play in college. In South Carolina in 18U
Contact: oliviaknutson02@gmail.com (864) 640-3552

Looking for Back row passer/hitter who loves the sport as much as I do and plays as hard as I do in 18U
Contact: ryancompher@gmail.com

Looking for Great attitude and competitive spirit in BBB
Contact: omarguerrero669@gmail.com (503) 866-9100

Looking for Partner in OC/LA area in CA in U16 or u18
Contact: Ahurst0606@gmail.com

Looking for 16u partner – Did play AVP Huntington and Hermosa in 16U AVP
Contact: elysseb17@gmail.com (778) 385-4757

Looking for A partner to play in VOTR tournaments like Fraser Valley Doubles on August 31st. in A or AA
Contact: loudmouth2003@gmail.com (970) 819-9897

Looking for Alexa in Quads

Looking for Female in Coed quad A
Contact: wdietz@kitchell.com (602) 621-6712 Meet at registration tent before 9am

Looking for Women’s or Coed Quads Novice or Women’s or Coed Sixes Novice in Novice
Contact: karencasciato@gmail.com (503) 288-1554 Just want to play!!! Love to set!

Looking for Blocker or split in 18U division
Contact: Rianneplaysbeach@gmail.com (928) 864-8054 Instagram rianne.brown26