Looking for 1 in Girls 16U Quads
Contact: matherrain@aol.com (503) 793-0133 Rhana

Looking for Partner in Mens Doubles B
Contact: timothyacarrillo@gmail.com (915) 383-6209

Looking for Male or female to play at Seaside. I'm a solid A player, 5'10", great defense and and setter. in A-BBB-BB Doubles
Contact: m.nguyen@avaza.co (615) 364-2600

Looking for Coming from Austin, need a A or BB lady for Friday/Saturday doubles and/or one more for women’s quads Sunday. in A/BB women’s
Contact: brooklyn_j@hotmail.com (971) 409-7250

Looking for Partner or team in Advanced intermediate or A
Contact: hello.andrea95@gmail.com (321) 460-4249

Looking for either side, play 4x/week w/ A&AA, 6'&46yo in men's 2's A
Contact: jeff.juliano@gmail.com (919) 824-8462

Looking for a partner or a team to join in Womens, or coed, quads, or six's
Contact: irinapitsul@yahoo.com (971) 212-7264

Looking for Men's doubles AA in Men's A, AA,
Contact: Viktor.tsukanov32@gmail.com (360) 726-1674

Looking for Adult Doubles in A
Contact: Cameron.Stacy1@gmail.com (407) 443-0715

Looking for partner in 16U Girls
Contact: bethkalberta@gmail.com (559) 760-1935