Looking for old timer that wants to have fun and is competitve not neccesarily talented dont make me look bad ;) in Mens 55+
Contact: kaleslechta@gmail.com (858) 382-8421

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  1. phillip Sherman
    phillip Sherman says:

    I am 60. 6’3″ I know how to play beach volleyball but I do not play often. My wife and daughter play consistently and I am coming to Seaside with them. I have never played in a tournament. But I know how to play. I am in above average physical condition. I have no idea how good 55 year olds are in volleyball.
    (805) 861-4372

  2. phillip Sherman
    phillip Sherman says:

    I have contacted you on this. I am not sure if anyone is getting these. Anyway its getting late. Can u text or email me that u even received this message. Im not sure it is even getting to the recipient.. Just an ok would let me know. Text or email. 805-861-4372

  3. phillip Sherman
    phillip Sherman says:

    I have reached out to you once. I have been asked to play coed 45 and under.I would much rather play in mens 55. 805-861-4372. text me or call …If not I will just play coed…


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