August 8th-11th, 2024


Day One – Thursday – August 8th, 2024

  • 9:00am Youth Players Meeting & National Anthem at Center Court
  • 10:00am Youth Doubles Pool Play begin

Day Two – Friday – August 9th, 2024 (***there will be NO adult players meeting)

  • 7:45am National Anthem at Center Court 
  • Adult Doubles Begin (times may vary)
  • Youth Doubles Brackets begin (times may vary)
  • Parent/Child and Doubles Pool Play begin
  • Quads Registration

Day Three – Saturday – August 10th, 2024

  • Adult Doubles Bracket finish (times may vary)
  • Junior Quads Pool Play starts (times may vary)
  • Parent/Child and Doubles Bracket begin
  • Quads Registration ENDS AT 3PM!

Day Four – Sunday – August 11th, 2024

  • Junior Quads finishes (times may vary)
  • Adult Quads begin

Scheduling Guidelines:

  • All matches (first serve) are required to start on the scheduled time.
  • Please arrive 45-60 minutes to “Warm up” prior to scheduled time.
  • Penalty of 1 point per minute will be applied at the START of the scheduled time.
  • If a team does not show up 15 minutes after the scheduled time, it is an automatic forfeit.
  • If a previous match finishes early and both the playing teams and reffing team of the next match is present and ready to start then they are allowed to start early.
  • If a match runs late then the next match must start right after. Previous teams should use the time waiting to warm-up.
  • If a team does not show up to ref, it will be an automatic forfeit of their next scheduled match.
  • If you do not ref after your last losers match, you will not be allowed to play the following year.
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